2018 – 2019 Women’s Burton Hideaway Snowboard Review

Women's Burton Hideaway Snowboard

Burton Hideaway Snowboard Snowboard review

The Burton Hideaway is a playful beginners board


THE 2018 Burton Hideaway Snowboard

Skill Level for the Burton Rewind: Beginner

Are you just getting started and looking for the right women’s snowboard to get started with?

The Burton Hideaway is just that…

The Hideaway is a snowboard that was built with beginners in mind without sacrificing performance.

The Burton Hideaway is easy to ride and SUPER playful.

Along with this boards playfulness you also will be getting a super stable board that can charge hard but still inspire a TON of confidence.

Burton build the Women’s Hideaway with a little bit of fun but really its a functioning all mountain snowboard.

All mountain means that the women’s Hideaway is a twin tipped whole mountain deck that has a playful flat bend. This offers the rider a stable ride along with forgiving platform allowing the learning curve to be smaller when riding this women’s board.

The Hideaway can be ridden in ANY condition and in ANY direction thanks to the all mountain twin tip design.

The Burton Hideaway comes with a sintered base just like the more expensive snowboards. What does that mean for a beginner?

That means you have the best base in the industry even if you don’t wax it…

The Burton Women’s Hideaway is the do it all Women’s beginner’s snowboard

Women's Burton Hideaway Snowboard

Burton Hideaway Snowboard SPECS

  • Flat Top
  • Directional Shape
  • 3-6 MM Taper for smoother turns
  • Twin Flex
  • FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core
  • DualZone EGD
  • Squeezebox Low
  • Biax Fiberglass
  • Extruded Base
  • The EST Channel system
  • Super Sap Epoxy
  • Filet O Flex
Women's Burton Hideaway Snowboard

WHERE DOES THE 2018 Women’sBurton Hideaway Snowboard SNOWBOARD LIKE TO RIDE?

  • Park
  • Freestyle
  • All Mountain
  • Twin Shape
  • Soft Flex
  • Playful

How much does the 2018-2019 Burton Hideaway Women’s board cost?


Women's Burton Hideaway Snowboard

What Size does the Burton Hideaway board come in?

  • 140
  • 144
  • 148
  • 152
  • 155

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