2019 Backcountry Snowboarding – Scorpion included

Backcountry Life

The Backcountry Life snowboarding the backcountry of Utah. We are just some normal dudes who grew up snowboarding in our backyard.

Follow us as we ride in our very own backyard.

Backcountry Life Gear List:

2018 Burton Dump Truck

2016 Burton Custom Flying V

2019 Burton Flight Attendant

2016 Burton Kids



The Backcountry Life crew are just normal dudes who grew up snowboarding in the back country. T

his is a typical video of us snowboarding on the weekend.

The snow this day was just ok but we were able to ride new lines that we hadn’t snowboarded before.

We also ride the groomed trail that has a few snowboard jumps that we built in the summer.

Backcountry Life Riders seen in the video





Ride in the backcountry. 2019 Snowboarding in the backcountry of Utah