Best Longboard Bags: Reviews

Best Longboard Bags: Reviews

I hope to elicit an agreement from you when I say:

It’s very difficult carrying longboards from one place to the other.

In stark contrast to what most people believe, weight isn’t the only hindrance in the portability of a longboard. Rather, it is the fragility of the longboards which makes carrying them a hellish task. That is, without proper protection, even the best longboards are prone to damage.

It is where the longboard bags come into play.

Apart from protecting your longboard, the best longboard bags have extra spaces to let you store your gear. Whether you are planning to do tricks or cover long distances, these bags will make sure you have the necessary gear to do so.


Pro-Lite Resession Longboard Day Bag

There are two kinds of longboard bags available in the market: those which protect against color fading and minor scratches and those which protect against cracks and major dings. The Pro-Lite Resession Longboard belongs to the latter category. Buy it, and your longboard will be as protected as you are in your home.


Although a little bulky and heavier, this is the longboard bag which you need for everyday usage. Whether you are heading south for taking sun or north for the cool breeze, its 27’’ opening will make sure that your longboard slides right in.

What’s more, if you live in a sunny area, you might need a bag which is heat resistant. Otherwise, especially if your longboard has funky colors, the sun rays will cause it to fade.

Thankfully, due to the semi-reflective PE shell – which adorns both the top and bottom of this bag, it will protect your board from sun rays. Subsequently, there will be fewer chances of your board fading in the sunlight.

Finally, if you are going far away from your home, you might need some extra space to store your gear. That is where the external pocket of this bag will come into play. Just like the main opening, it also contains a zip to let you store your items with ease.


- Has a Velcro closure system to make sure your longboard stays in

- Padded shoulder strap will allow lifting heavier longboards with ease

- Heat reflecting top cloth won’t let your longboard’s colors to fade


- Expensive, costs as much as the majority of longboards

Final Verdict

Everybody needs a home and your longboard is no different. If you want it to last longer, investing your money in this bag is a shrewd choice.

Dakine Surf Daylight Noserider Bag

While the previous bag will protect your longboard on trips down south, this one – thanks to its water resistant covering, will do the same on trips up north. Hence, if you sense that winter is coming – and want to protect your board from it, invest in this bag.


The most important feature of this bag lies in its high-density closed foam padding. Since it is sewn into the bag, this coating makes it water resistant. What’s more, since a tarpaulin material has been used in the form of padding, it has made the bag both water and heat resistant.

However, in case you were wondering, the foam padding is just ¼’’. It means that despite providing double protection against heat and water, the padding hasn’t added significant weight to the bag. Consequently, it is lightweight.

Also, if you love downhill riding, you’d need a bag with a shoulder strap. In this way, you can carry on doing long hikes with minimum fuss and maximum effort. And as you might guess, the Dakine Surf Daylight Bag – thanks to its padded shoulder strap, will give you the same comfort.

Finally, most of us have encountered in our lives bags whose zippers gave way after minimum usage. This one, however, thanks to its heavy duty 10Coil Zipper, will never ditch you midway. Whether you are going around the corner of traveling the world, the zipper will remain intact.


- Both heat and water resistant

- Padding hasn’t added significant weight to the bag

- Has a zippered fin slot to store your gear

- Shoulder strap is padded


- Its padding isn’t airline approved

Final Verdict

Though costing a fortune, this bag – with its fins, has the ability to house even the biggest of longboards with aplomb. Add to the mix its heat and water resistant capability, and you have a serious product under your attention.

Creatures of Leisure Longboard Day Use Board Cover

While both the abovementioned longboards were also heat resistant, this one – via its silver poly fabric, has taken the game to the next level. Hence, while it does have a few shortcomings – the strap isn’t padded, the benefits are more than enough to justify its lofty price tag.


Although there are many materials known for their heat resistance, silver is, undoubtedly, the best of them all. Due to its reflective upper surface, silver doesn’t allow the product which it is supposed to protect to see the light of the day.

Hence, if you have grown tired of longboards fading in the sunlight, you need this board cover. For, it is protected by a silver poly fabric which is known for decades to be the biggest opponent of sunlight.

Also, if you know that your bag will be subjected to abuse, you cannot compromise on its fiber thickness. Put simply, you need to invest in a cover which has a high denier count.

Which is exactly where this board will say, Hello!

Experts tell us that the higher the denier count, the thicker, sturdier and durable the fabric will be. Conversely, if the denier count is low, the fabric will be soft, sheer and silky. And since the silver fabric used on this cover has a mammoth denier count of 600, it can withstand the worst of abuse without breaking a sweat.


- Strong, Sturdy and durable

- Has a high denier count

- Highly heat and water resistant

- Huge space can store two small-sized longboards


- The shoulder strap isn’t padded

Final Verdict

If you think you can live without a padded shoulder strap, I see no reason why you shouldn’t go for this bag cover.

Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag Single/Double-Longboard

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that this longboard bag is the costliest of the lot. Does it worth the extra money which it demands? Let’s find out.


Tell me: what’s better than a longboard bag which fits 1board? Yes, a longboard bag which fits two longboards. This bag, with a 27’’ opening and extended inner space, can store two bags at once. Hence, if you have a longboarding partner, pool your money and go for this bag.

Apart from the generous opening, there is another reason why this bag will store two boards: its inner side has two separate components divided by a wall. Remove the fins, and it will have enough storage area for two double-sized bags.

In contrast to the previous longboard bag – which didn’t have a padded shoulder strap, this bag’s padded shoulder strap has a stow pocket. When not using it for strapping, you can use this pocket to store accessories/gear while travelling.

Finally, look at ordinary surfboard bags, and you’d find out they just don’t have enough padding. However, this bag is different.

For, apart from keeping your longboard safe from overheating, the padding will also protect it from damage while you are travelling. What’s more, it has small layers of insulation which will keep it cool when the sun’s rays are falling right onto the bag.


- Enough space to store two bags

- Gusset is collapsible

- Can remove the fins to create additional space for accessories storage

- Has a deep external pocket to keep wetsuits


- Heavy

Final Verdict

If you plan on traveling with your longboard, the weight of this bag shouldn’t be a problem considering it will be placed in your car’s Diggy or on the underside of an airplane.

Creatures of Leisure Day Use Longboard Cover

Apart from the name, I assure you there’s nothing weird about this cover. It has earned rave reviews, has a decent enough price and comes with a 12-month warranty. Isn’t it enough for you to go and buy it?

No, it isn’t. Scroll down to the features to decide.


Showing you the confidence its manufacturers have placed in this cover, it comes with a decent 12-month warranty. If you decide to buy this cover then, there is virtually nothing to lose.

While we don’t pay much attention to it, a zipper is undoubtedly the most important component of a bag. If it falls apart – no matter how good the whole bag is, the whole bag will be worthless.

Understanding the importance of the zipper, its manufacturer has provided this bag with a nickel platted zipper. As traveling enthusiasts will tell, this is one of the best quality zippers available on the market. So the chances of it going rogue are virtually none.

Also, if you are air travelling, this bag has enough inner space to let you turn it into a travel bag. All you have to do is to close the fins and bingo, use it as your extra travel suitcase.

Coming b ack to how it will store your longboard, the silver poly fabric cover, which, as you know, is heat reflective. Moreover, to keep the water at bay, it has a 5mm closed cell padding. Though it adds weight to the bag, the padding, it compensates by saving your gear from water in return.


- Can double down as your second suit case

- Has a heat reflective upper fabric

- Water resistant

- Comes with a 12-month warranty


- The quality of its shoulder strap isn’t up to the mark

Final Verdict

Like all good things in your life, this bag – by doubling down as a travel suitcase, rewards your selection by providing something extra. Even if you don’t want the extra, its original features are more than enough to satiate your appetite.


It doesn’t matter how much money you spend in pursuit of a quality longboard. It will always be lacking if its storage bag isn’t up to the task. So, after having the list of the best longboard bags at your disposal, select the one which meets your requirements.

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