Best Longboards for Cruising


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s very hard finding the best longboard for cruising.

Have doubts regarding the veracity of this claim? Just visit your local market in search of the best cruiser boards. Once there, you’d notice that every shopper claims to have the best cruising longboard.

He might be speaking the truth. He might not. However, I don’t think you’d want to waste your money in search of the truth.

It is where this article will help. So that, you can find the best cruiser boards without spending a penny.

Unlike your shopper, we won’t recommend any cruising longboard. That is for you to decide. What we will do is to give you a list of the five best cruiser boards. After that, based on your needs, you’d decide.

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Gold Coast Infinitas Drop-Through 40.5"

Gold Coast Infinitas Drop-Through 40.5

As you will notice throughout the remainder of this article, most cruising longboards which we recommend are for beginners. This one, however, can be used by veterans as well.

How? Scroll down to find out.


The first thing which the Gold Coast Infinitas has got to offer you is an extended wheel base. Containing a coarse grip tape, it allows ample standing space to your feet regardless of your weight. Consequently, while the newcomers will get a stable riding experience, the veteran skaters would also get easy maneuverability.

Turning our attention to the wheels, Gold Coast have ditched the more common 78A urethane wheels in favor of the shred-boots wheels.

Seemingly a simple looking change, the usage of best longboard wheels has increased both the speed as well as the reputation of this board. It doesn’t matter at which surface you are riding them – be it full of potholes or fully-paved, the wheels won’t allow vibrations to come near your feet.

As for the deck, Gold Coast has gone for a standard profile with a symmetrical deck shape. While the former delivers a solid plank underneath your foot, the latter will allow you to speed without breaking a sweat.

Another thing worthy of your attention is the cutouts gracing the deck. To help the wheels, these cutouts give the deck the extra space which is much needed to prevent wheel bite. Another thing which the cutouts do is allowing you to ride close to the ground, hence resulting in a more stable ride.

Finally, if you have grown tired of having hang ups with your previous longboard, you’ll simply love the C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks on offer here. Cast from aluminum and featuring integrated axle spacers, they provide a perfect, low kingpin space, making them perfect for cruising.


- Good for commuting, free ride, and cruising

- Drop Through style of the deck provides greater stability

- Symmetrical deck shape allows an easy increase in speed

- Deck cutouts will save you from wheel bite


- Very expensive

Final Verdict

Being the most expensive cruising longboard of this review, you need to have very deep pockets to buy the Gold Coast Infinitas. Provided you can afford it, the longboard has enough features to make sure you don’t regret your decision.

Sector 9 Shoots Complete Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

As has become the norm these days, Sector 9 has gone for a hybrid between longboard and skateboard in its Shoots Cruiser. While its small size – it has a length of 33.5’’, gives it a sense of a skateboard, the resulting maneuverability equips it with the advantages that you normally expect of longboards.

Will it suit you? Let’s find out.


Flex or stiffness. Every time a skater decides to buy a new longboard, he’s asked to choose one of these two options.

And as veteran cruisers know better than most, it is the latter which they choose, for it gives the rider the feel of the board. Thankfully, due to the 5 ply bamboo used in its construction, this Sector 9 longboard will provide just that.

Also, while high speed is not the forte of this longboard – as suggested by its relatively small length, it is its maneuverability which makes it famous. For, thanks to the shorter length, this board has a high center of gravity. It means that if you’d get more stable riding out of this longboard.

Moreover, this longboard has the best longboard wheels. You don’t need to take my word to believe it.

Rather, a mere glance at the wheels would do. Due to them being extra soft, the wheels won’t allow the off-road vibrations to disturb your journey.

That said, no matter how good the wheels are, they also need the best longboard bearings to come to their rescue.

Unsurprisingly, given the uncompromising attitude of Sector 9 on other features, their choice for bearings is also immaculate. As a result, you won’t feel vibrations even if you stand on the board bare feet.


- Fast for its size

- Stable and durable

- Attractive design

- Extra soft wheels won’t allow vibrations to dampen your joy


- Won’t slide

Final Verdict

Due to its small size, the functionality of this longboard is limited to kids or teenagers of college going age. That said, if you have a small built but old age, you can still try this.

Jaseboards Drop through cruising high performance Longboard

Jaseboards Drop through cruising high performance Longboard

As human beings, we love when we get something extra in the same, known package. This longboard from Jaseboards will provide just that. For, while you will use it for cruising, its list of features is so vast that it will be equally efficient when downhill riding.


Ask veteran skaters, and they might ask you to search for a reasonable flex. Otherwise, if you go for too large a flex, it will come at the cost of decreased stability. Subsequently, what you would be looking for – provided you follow their advice, is the board with a supportive flex.

Which is exactly what this board provides.

Being a combo of bamboo and maple core, this board has a weather resistant deck to offer greater stability and a supportive flex. Consequently, whether you want to go downhill riding or show off your tricks, the board will allow you to do both.

Continuing the stability mantra, it would be cruel if we ignore the contribution of the gritty grip tape. Thanks to its relatively large size, the grip tape increase the standing space for your feet, hence making sure you don’t lose your footing while riding the board.

With all due respect to other features, the one thing which makes this longboard the best for cruising it is pintail shape. Put simply, the pintail shape means that the board is equally elongated both at its front and rear.

Consequently, whether you desire stability or maneuverability – or both to avoid urban obstacles such as traffic and cracks, the board will provide both, making it perfectly suited for cruising.

Finally, while its shape was the most important feature, you cannot ignore the virgin aluminum treated trucks with which this board is equipped.

Thanks to the treatment, the trucks are both lightweight and enduring, meaning they would withstand the worst climate conditions without getting hurt in the process.


- 78A Wheels provide excellent control at increased speeds

- Amazing design

- Trucks are both lightweight and remarkably enduring of bad climate

- Offers classical stability


- Expensive

Final Verdict

If you have deep pockets – or are willing to save some money, this longboard merits your attention. Yes, it is expensive, but its features do more than enough to justify its price tag.

Gold Coast Classic Family Complete Cruiser Board

Gold Coast Classic Family Complete Cruiser Board

After going back to its basics, Gold Coast have – in the shape of its Classic Family Complete Cruiser board, come up with a board that gives a relaxed vibe, is easy going and offers great pleasure to the riders.

Will it suit you? We find out.


Take a look at any longboard, and it is a no-brainer that its deck would pop out as a key feature. For, while a high-quality deck provides both comfort and stability, a low-quality deck serves as a red-herring to beginners.

Thankfully, the deck featured on this board throws no such ugly tantrums. Though not fairly big, its classic shape, bamboo-maple wood combo, and quality grip tape make it a quality deck to ride on.

Moreover, if the passage on which you are most likely to cruise contains cracks and bumps, you’d need quality wheels otherwise your feet will sting. By going for the 78A urethane wheels, this longboard will provide you just that.

Despite being soft, these wheels won’t ditch you midway through the journey. What’s more, their softness will, in turn, allow the longboard to withstand off-road vibrations with minimum fuss.

The bearings on this Gold Coast longboard are ABEC 7. Though not the best in the market by any means, they are suitable for newcomers who aren’t bitten by the high-speed bug yet.

The trucks, on the other hand, are one of the best features of this longboard – they are a 159mm regular pivot, which means that the stability with them is excellent and there is less room for anything going wrong.


- Best for beginners

- Offers brilliant rail-to-rail performance

- Allows easy pushing

- A combo of increased durability and high maneuverability


- The options, as well as the size range, makes it unsuitable for veterans

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner who is new to the world of cruising – and wants a longboard which will hide your limitations by its features, this is a longboard you need to have.

Urban Longboard Ranger LDP Pro+ Long Distance Pushing

Urban Longboard Ranger LDP Pro+ Long Distance Pushing

Increased stability, huge standing space, and effortless long distance riding are some of the advantages which this longboard will provide you. Moreover, although designed for cruising, you can easily take it for a stroll in the park or even for downhill riding. That’s how versatile it is!

Will its versatility lure you? Let’s turn our attention to its features to find out.


Inevitably, due to its drop down construction, almost every feature of this longboard revolves around its design. So, without wasting any time on other features, let’s take a look at how this design will help you.

Firstly, due to its drop down design, this board is increasingly stable. Since the middle section is lower than extreme ends, it will give you a “cradling effect” – meaning you would be protected from speed wobbles as the board goes downhill.

Second, due to the dropdown middle section, the board is bound to give you a very secure grip. What’s more, due to the increased grip, initiating and controlling slides would be very easy for you.

Lastly, since this board has a low center of gravity, pushing it is a cinch because you won’t have to take your foot too far. This feature, in turn, makes this longboard ideal if you have a knack of long distance travelling.

That said, when a board has a drop down design, there come certain disadvantages – such as bottoming out.

To counter this, Urban Longboard has equipped the LDP Pro with bigger size wheels. Due to their bigger size, the wheels would not only prevent the bottoming out of the deck, but they would also offer smoother rides.

Finally, no matter how hard you try, sometimes your luck is so bad that even the most secure of moves backfire. To bail you out in such a situation, this board has the state-of-the-art ABEC 7 Ball Bearings. Being the best longboard bearings, they provide this longboard with extra tolerance, meaning you have a greater margin of error.


- Increased stability due to the drop down design

- Best for travelling long distances

- Provides increased foot space

- Start of the art bearings provide greater tolerance


- Flex is minimum

Final Verdict

As suggested above – if you are looking for an effortless riding experience, and aren’t willing to pay over the odds for it, the Urban Longboard Ranger is a must-have.


Your search for the best cruising longboards ends here. Containing the best wheels, bearings, and trucks, all of the abovementioned products are our recommendations. Now, it’s your turn to make the call as to which of these longboards meets your needs.

Good Luck!

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