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Ever since times immemorial, a debate has been raging on between skaters. The topic of the debate has ever been the same: Drop through or pintail? Of late, however, the best pintail longboards have been gaining an ascendancy over the best drop through longboards.

What’s the reason of this ascension? Well, talking about the best drop through longboards, their relatively low center of gravity means you can ride closer to the ground. This, in turn, means you’ll be more stable and can cover long distances with the minimum pump.

However, stability is not the only thing which modern skaters desire. They want a longboard which, even if it provides limited stability, allows carving, cruising and even surfing.

It is where the best pintail longboards come into play.

Due to their sharp nose and tail - and an even sharper taper, the best pintail longboards allow making turns a cinch. Also, since their wheels are carved-out in most cases, the risk of wheel bite is reduced. Subsequently, they become the major choice of most skaters.

Finally, due to their simple design, the best pintail longboards make learning skating a cinch. That is if you are just learning how to skate, using thebest pintail longboard will be helpful.

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Stella Aqua Classic 46" Pintail Longboard

Stella Aqua Classic 46

If you were looking for a longboard which was pintail to the bone, the Stella Aqua Classic is a must-have. It has every feature which makes pintail longboards as famous as they are. That said, is it the best pintail longboard? Let’s find out.


Let me ask you a question: why most people go for pintail longboards? Yes, you guessed it, for making sharp turns. More importantly, with its Stella Coarse grip tape, this pintail longboard also provides just that.

How? Well, when you are making sharp turns, you want to have maximum turning radius from the board. Otherwise, you won’t be able to retain your balance. Being rough and coarse – and since it covers a good surface area, the grip tape will improve the turning radius, making sharp turns a cinch.

Next, comes the wheels and their usefulness are another reason why you should buy this board. For, being carved out, these wheels have eliminated the risk of wheel bite. Also, since they are made of urethane – which is a proof of their softness, these wheels would absorb maximum off-road vibrations, hence saving your feet from stinging.

Turning our attention to the trucks, they come very loose in the packing. If you don’t know, loose trucks are a must-have if you want sharp turns. That said, the looser the trucks are, the less-stable the longboard will be. So, if you want to have more stability at the cost of less sharp turns, just tighten them.

Finally, aconcave shape is another major factor in determining the usefulness of a longboard. Doing full justice to its reputation, Aqua Classic have gone for the radial concave shape.

Apart from giving a deeper curve, this concave type will also give your feet better grip. Regardless of the style of askateboard, you want to embark on, this concave type will be useful.


- High quality ABEC-5 Bearings offer good speed

- Longboard length is a hybrid between increased stability and quick turns

- Wheels won’t allow off-road vibrations to disturb you

- Coarse grip tape provides extra grip for your feet


- Trucks come way too loose, you have to tighten them to start skating

Final Verdict

Although a relatively new product on the market, the Stella Aqua Classic has earned rave reviews from whoever has used it. Also, since it doesn’t cost much, going for it seems a safe bet in the light of the abovementioned features

Classic Dot Pintail Longboard

Classic Dot Pintail Longboard

If you don’t want to spend anastronomical amount of a quality longboard, the Classic Dot Pintail Longboard – by virtue of its less price, deserves a mention. Coming in two designs – one classic and one funky, it has got something for both the retro and modern longboard lovers.


Taking a cue from the rule book of cruising longboards, Santa Cruz – the manufacturer of this longboard, has equipped it with wider trucks. This decision, in turn, will give you two advantages on buying this longboard.

First, if you are a newcomer, you should know that wider trucks mean exceptional stability. That is, if you are learning skating, the extra width of trucks will make your learning process a cinch.

Second, since trucks are responsible for adding control, stability and side-to-side movement to a longboard, an increase in their width would make sure that you get all these factors for free.

As for the wheels, the classic dot pintail longboard the traditional 78mm wheels. Due to their shape, these wheels would provide extra grip between the road and your board. As a result, there would be fewer chances of the board overturning.

Despite all its disadvantages, this board has one glaring shortcoming: its bearings. While the modern longboards have adopted bearings as new as ABEC-7, it was surprising to note that Santa Cruz sided with ABEC-3 bearings.

For, the greater the rating of a bearing, the more speed it will offer. Hence, by going for less rating, Santa Cruz have compromised on the speed factor.

One area where Santa Cruz hasn't compromised is the weight of this longboard. Since pintail longboards are meant for cruising and cruising – which means covering long distance isn’t their forte, they need to be lightweight so that you can carry them with ease. Thankfully, since it weighs just over 8lbs, the Classic Dot Pintail Longboard will be a cinch to carry.


- Durable deck is best for carving, cruising, and surfing

- Extra soft wheels

- Relatively short board length makes turns very easy


- Bearings aren’t good quality

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to be at your top speed all the time, you can ignore the glaring shortcoming provided to this board by its underperforming bearings. However, if you don’t want to compromise, take a look at other longboards in this review.

Sector 9 Mens Merchant Complete CS160C

Sector 9 Mens Merchant Complete CS160C

With all due respect to the previous two longboard brands, none of them is as famous as Sector 9. The manufacturer has made a name for itself by producing quality longboards over the years.

Will this pintail longboard justify the reputation of its manufacturer? Let’s find out.


Though not as marked as in other pintail longboards, the Kicktails on both ends of this longboard is a dream to have. For, in addition to allowing you to lift theend of the board to perform tricks, the relatively underwhelming Kicktails allow making sharp turns without breaking a sweat.

Moving on, the 38’’ length of this longboard suggests it is not the biggest in the market. However, as veteran pintail longboard users will testify, a smaller length longboard is more efficient at carving and cruising than a longer one.

Hence, if commuting and carving are all that you want to do on this board – with an occasional, once-in-a-year long distance trip, the relatively small length won’t be a problem.

One area of this board which impressed me the most was its wheel wells. Helpful in preventing wheel bite, these wheel wells would shield you from danger in case of a fall, which, otherwise, could have caused severe injuries doe to wheel bite.

As for the deck, it has been constructed with a 7ply Maple. Though maple on its own is stable, most manufacturers now use it with bamboo to enhance stability. Hence, by foregoing bamboo, Sector 9 has added a bit of flex to this board at the cost of little stability.

Finally, justifying its relatively meager price tag, Sector 9 went for the ABEC 5 bearings. Though not the best in the market – which means you won’t get top speed on this board, they are more than capable of providing decent speed.


- Provides good flex

- Kicktails allow performing tricks

- Loose Trucks allow sharp turns

- Minimum wheel bite


- Heavy

Final Verdict

If you have got strong arms, lifting this longboard shouldn’t be a problem. However, even if your arms aren’t as powerful, the relatively small price tag of this features urges you to get out of your comfort zone to enjoy its features.

Gold Coast Orbit Pintail Longboard Complete

Gold Coast Orbit Pintail Longboard Complete

If you want your pintail longboard to be visible from a mile, the hugely visible exterior of this longboard merits your attention. Being an amalgam of orange, blue and black, this longboard will make sure you never go unnoticed when riding it.


Although the Sector 9 longboard mentioned previously was a good choice, its relatively small length may have deterred some of you from buying it. Hence, in case you didn’t go for it because of its length, the huge 40’’ length of this longboard makes it a must-have.

That said, an increase in length doesn’t mean that Gold Coast have compromised on the speed and turning of this longboard. Rather, the increase in length – though being substantial, hasn’t done well to decrease the flex and turn-making ability of this board.

Put simply, despite being on the larger side, this longboard will give you all the freedoms which you expect of a quality pintail longboard.

Defying traditions, Gold Coast have gone for Shred Boots Wheels in this longboard. This act of defiance has given this longboard two obvious advantages.

First, due to the increase in the resulting wheel base, you won’t get as much wheel bite as from other pintail longboards. Second, since most of the wheel base is covered with a coarse, clear grip tape, your feet would be much stable on it.

Lastly, this longboard contains a 5ply bamboo and maple hybrid deck. Put simply, the construction of this deck suggests that while it will give good flex to make the board springy, it won’t be mushy. So, you’ll get both stability as well as flex out of the deck


- Provides good flex

- Lightweight

- Attractive design


- The flex provided might seem too much to some

Final Verdict

Most pintail longboards aren’t known for providing a good amount of flex. However, as suggested above, this one does provide a good dose of it. Hence, buy it only if you love the little springiness which would resultantly come out of the deck.

Sector 9 Merchant 2016 Complete Pintail Longboard New

Sector 9 Merchant 2016 Complete Pintail Longboard New

Although both of them have the same looks, there is a world of difference between this and the Sector 9 longboard mentioned at number three in this review. More importantly – as far as you are concerned, this board, being new, has much more features to lure you.


Comparing this model with the previously mentioned CS160C model, the one area where this model has remarkably improved is the bearings. For, while the previous model contained outdated ABEC 5 bearings, this one has upped the ante by choosing the start of the art ABEC 7 Bearings.

This decision of Sector 9 – which involves ditching the older bearings for the new ones, obviously affects you. For, by going for a highly-rated bearing, Sector 9 has made it possible for you to achieve even higher speeds with this model.

What’s more, since they are more technologically advanced, the ABEC 7 bearings will make spinning wheels a cinch. It means that by exerting less effort, you’d be able to get more speed out of the board.

Another difference between the two models is the usage of trucks. While the tension provided by both is the same, the trucks used in this model are extra wide. It means that, in addition to allowing you to make better turns, the extra-wide trucks also provide more stability.

Finally, look at the price of this model, and you’ll realize that it is the costliest. After looking at the price tag, you might want something more from this longboard.

Much to your delight, something more HAS been provided by Sector 9. For, this model comes fully assembled, meaning it comes ready to ride.


- Comes fully assembled

- Technologically advanced bearings make achieving top speed easily

- Extra-wide trucks makes sharp turning easy


- Very expensive

Final Verdict

If you can afford to pay a bit over the odds for a quality product, you won’t get a better pintail longboard than this one.


Your search for the best pintail longboard ends here. In addition to providing you with the list of the best of them, we have also tried to provide the pros and cons of each. Hence, provided you are serious, you now have enough information at your disposal to make the final choice.

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