Burton Custom Snowboard

We get this question a lot….

Burton Custom For Beginner?


Well, when designing the Burton Custom the designers at Burton didn’t have the beginner snowboarder in mind.

It was a standard camber snowboard that was built for the ALL mountain hard charging snowboarder.

So the question really is.

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Should you start out with the Burton Custom as your first snowboard?

The answer is….it depends.

If you are ok with a snowboard that is stiff which means it can wear your legs out faster. Also are you ok with a more aggressive edge and deck?

One thing you have to think about that most beginner snowboards don’t think about.

When you are learning and buy an easier to ride Burton snowboard how long is that going to last you?

You spend your hard earned money on buying all the gear….

Wouldn’t you want the gear to last longer as your skills progress?

Years ago when I had finally saved up enough money to buy my first brand new snowboard I opted to go with a Burton Charger snowboard.


It was cheaper….but I really wanted a Burton Custom.


I rode the Burton Charger for 1 season….and it was an alright board but my riding ability was higher then the snowboard.

I abused it….and it didn’t hold up very well to the abuse. I wish I would have spent a little more for a board that would last me longer.

The very next year I decided to spend the extra money and buy a Burton Custom even know it was quite the stretch for me.

2000 Burton Custom
Arrow pointing to my First Burton Custom

Guess what?

I still have that 2000 Burton Custom snowboard…..

In fact I rode that very Burton Custom for YEARS.

It was my first introduction into a expert level quality snowboard.

I loved it.

So much that I bought a Burton Custom 10th Anniversary (still ride it) and you can see the 2015 Burton Custom X

Burton Custom 10th Anniversary

I even though I have now retired the 2000 Burton Custom it lives on as one of my all time FAVORITE snowboards.

I rode that snowboard everywhere

  • Steep and deep in the backcountry
  • Park…Huge jumps (This was back when my legs could handle it)
  • Ice
  • Groomers
  • Tree runs

In fact this was the very first snowboard that I did my first back flip on….

So would I recommend a Burton Custom Snowboard for a beginner?


Why, because It really is a do it all snowboard that will last you years and years.

You get what you pay for and Burton really nailed it with the Burton Custom….proof is in the sales as its the ALL time best selling snowboard in Burton’s lineup.

If fact it really is the ONLY snowboard that has spanned the generations of Burton’s lineup.

I am not going to lie to you……It will be a little harder to learn on than another cheaper easier to ride snowboard.


When you are starting out, no matter what snowboard you buy you will spend a ton of time on your ass.

Why not get the best snowboard that will last you from

Beginner –> Intermediate -> Advanced -> Expert -> Pro

The Burton Custom is a snowboard built for EVERYONE….and it is the go to for a do it ALL Snowboard.

Don’t short change yourself.

I have ridden plenty of snowboards out there and personally own a few different snowboards and the Burton Custom is still a favorite.

If you are a beginner snowboard and are even thinking about buying the Burton Custom…my advice would be



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