HeliBoarding Revelstoke – Part 1

heliboarding Revelstoke

We have have tried a couple years in a row to go heliskiing but haven’t been able to make it happen.

This year the Crew from backcountry life was able to make it happen in Canada.

This is a video of our very first time heliboarding Revelstoke. Follow along in our 3 part series.

We will also be doing a full review of heliboarding in Revelstoke with Eagle Pass heliskiing.

If you are not familiar with Revelstoke….let me tell you its a hidden gem for the pow seeker. We snowboarded with Eagle Pass Heliskiing.

The operate just outside of Revelstoke and and ski/snowboard the Monashee mountains. The snow up on top was deep and fluffy…not as quite as fluffy as Utah powder but still really really good.

We got started with a pretty good run that I think the guide was testing our ability in powder.

It was Sam’s very first time being around the heli and it made a HUGE rookie mistake. Always make sure that you pay attention during training.

In combination with how excited you get for all the rad terrain you are about to shred….it also can be intimidating around the helicopter.

Make sure you take it SLOW and smooth.

Backcountry life boarders on this trip:




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