Revealed: Top 5 Longboard Decks

Revealed: Top 5 Longboard Decks

There are two kinds of people who usually search for the best longboard decks.

First, there are those who are new to longboarding and hence don’t know much about it. Second, there are veterans who have grown tired of using the same deck forever.

It doesn’t matter to which category you belong. This article will help.

Without going into the technicalities, we will lead you to the best bamboo longboards. What’s more, we won’t leave you there on your own.

Rather, we will show you the pros and cons of each mini longboard. Consequently, you’ll be in a much better position – than when you arrived here, to buy the best krown Longboards.

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White Wave Bamboo Longboards

Talking about mini longboards, most of them offer either one of these two riding styles: Carving and cruising. This one – thanks to the vastness of options, offer both. That is, whether you want to schmooze through campus or carve down a tame hill, it would allow you to do both.


The first thing which veteran skaters demand of their longboard is durability. As for the newcomers, they want a smooth riding experience. Since the White Wave Bamboo Longboards are a combo of bamboo and maple, they offer both.

For, on its own, maple ensures the stability of this board. However, when used in combination with bamboo, it translates the stability into a comfortable riding experience. That is, you’ll feel gliding across the ride while riding on this longboard.

Another feature of this board which deserves your attention is its long, high-rebound urethane wheels. Urethane wheels are known for providing two much-needed benefits to the skater.

First, since they have a better shock absorbing ability than other materials, they won’t let your feet feel every vibration coming off the road. Second, due to their high-rebound ability, they board much faster than their competitors.

Put simply, these urethane wheels won’t only provide speedy rides, but they would also make them stable.

Since we are already talking about stability, it would seem cruel to ignore the contribution of drop-through trucks – which have been used by this longboard, in this regard. Since they are close to the earth, the drop-through trucks – with their lower center of gravity, ensures brilliant stability at more speed.

That is, not only will it be easier for you to start your rides, but you’ll also be able to control them due to the lower C of G offered by drop-through trucks.


- Stable and speedy

- Easy to control thanks to drop-through trucks

- Urethane wheels absorb more shocks coming off the road


- Bearings need some time before breaking-in

Final Verdict

Sometime, to get a quality product, you’ve to pay slightly over the odds. This bamboo longboard is THAT product. Being a combination of good features, increased durability, and better speed, it deserves you to pay slightly over the odds.

Magneto Longboard - Bamboo & Fiberglass

Skaters usually want either to glide through the surface or to perform tricks on their longboards. If you belong to the latter category – the trick performing one, the Magneto Longboards are a must-have.

Have doubts? Scroll down to quash all of them.


The first feature which makes this longboard a must-have for skaters is its Kicktail. Placed on both the nose and tail side, the Kicktail will let you switch easily or skate forward to do Ollies and other switch tricks.

Another advantage which you will garner from having two Kicktails is that of stability. For, by giving you greater control, both the Kicktails make the board more stable while you are going at high speeds and making evasive moves.

As for the concave, look closely and you’ll find that both the edges are bent up. As veteran skaters might tell, this is a sign that the longboard which you’re looking at was meant for technical flips. For, by exerting just a little pressure on its edges, you can perform even the most difficult of tricks with aplomb.

Finally, after all these features, the lengthwise curve of the longboard deck – also known as camber or rocker depending on its shape, also decides what kind of tricks you can perform on it.

Once again, by going for the Camber style – which has a depressed middle, it provides more flex and higher center of gravity. Consequently, due to the slightly sloped shape, you’ll find it easier to stand on this longboard.


- Durable and long lasting

- Camber Shape makes performing tricks a cinch

- Low Center of Gravity for stable riding

- Heavy duty trucks


- Not recommended if you want to do some downhill riding

Final Verdict

As suggested above, the magneto longboard is a must-have if you want to do some tricks. This, in other words, means that it was built for veteran skaters. If you consider yourself one, I see no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard

Though not as famous as mini longboards coming from Magneto, Krown Longboards have made a name for themselves in the recent past. You might ask: what’s the reason of their sudden fame? To answer this question, let’s take a look at this Krown longboard’s features.


Though it may seem flat to a novice skater, Krown has gone with a slightly convex deck here. Put simply, it means that the deck is upwards-arching. Though uncommon, this deck design allows you to have a more natural foot placement. Consequently, you can have greater control over both the direction and speed of your longboard.

To add stability, Krown has used a formula which Magneto has perfected: they have gone for a Bamboo – Canadian Maple combo. With the two upper layers made of bamboo, the deck provides a brilliant mixture of rigidity, awesome looks, and flex.

What’s more, if you are a rider who wants to maximize speed and earn a buck on slides, this combination will give you just that.

Inevitably, when you talk about speed, wheels come into play. Although they are of standard size, the wheels would get better as you ride the board. However, the same cannot be held true for the trucks. For, if you want them to perform at their maximum, you’d have to tighten them after opening the board.

All in all, if you want maximum stability, good control and great wheels – and are willing to tighten the trucks once the package arrives at your doorstep, this Krown longboard is a shrewd choice.


- Rigid and durable

- Brilliant flex

- Attractive

- Offers maximum flexibility


- Trucks will need some tightening to get to their best

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an inexpensive longboard, the Krown longboards deserve your attention. However, that doesn’t mean that small price is their only unique point.

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Complete Downhill Longboard

Whether you are a newcomer to the game or a veteran, the Drop-thru longboard from Sector 9 has something to offer. For, be it downhill riding or boardwalk, its design will make sure you enjoy effortless pushing.


While some skaters like cruising through the neighborhood, others prefer bombing hills. Thankfully, due to its flexible deck and drop-thru shape, this Sector 9 longboard will cater both. For, while its drop through shape makes it crack resistant, its flex allows it to hold as much as 250lbs.

Also, if you prefer cruising and bombing, you’ll know that there would be times when you’d need a sharp turn into a short corner. For that to happen, in turn, what you need are 10’’ wide trucks.

As you might guess, this longboard has been equipped with the same, 10’’ wide trucks. Consequently, without needing much effort from your side, it would allow you to make sharp turns with amazing ease.

Another feature which makes this longboard suitable for both bombing and high-speed cruising is its 78A soft wheels. Equipped with lubricated bearing balls, these wheels have the softness to suss-out vibrations coming from uneven paths.

Finally, while I wasn’t impressed with the trucks of the previous longboard, the same of this longboard have left me drooling. Made of aluminum, these reverse kingpin trucks offers excellent maneuverability and stability at the same time.

Put simply, if you want to make sharp turns with maximum balance, these are the kind of trucks you need to have.


- Light Aluminum trucks

- Soft wheels

- Ensures fast riding speed

- Has a clear grip tape


- Some users complained of bearings being low quality

Final Verdict

Being a combo of excellent design, good strength, increased durability and high-quality parts, the Drop-Thru Bamboo Green Wave deserves to be your companion if you want a spotless riding experience.

Sector 9 Madeira Complete Bamboo Longboard

Since we have already raved about the qualities of the previous Sector 9 longboard, the bar has been set very high for this longboard to meet. Will it be able to justify its relatively high price tag? Let’s find out.


Starting from the deck materials, Sector 9 have gone for a laminated bamboo in this case. Not only does the bamboo makes the deck flexible, but it also makes it durable and stiff enough to handle more than 240lbs in weight.

Moreover, if you are a newcomer, your uneven riding manner will result in shocks, those which you like to be damped. Unsurprisingly, the bamboo deck does just that. Even if you are riding through rocks or slabs, the deck is so flexible that it will make your riding a cinch.

Moving on, the next most noticeable feature of this longboard is its clear grip tape. In addition to making the whole longboard eye catching, this tape adds more grips between the deck surface and your feet. That said since the grip tape is so clear, you’d have to spend considerable time to save it from getting dirty.

Finally, talking about boards that last longer than most, this board is the epitome. There are three reasons why it will last longer than your ordinary longboard.

First, it has soft polyurethane wheels which won’t allow the off-road vibrations to disturb the deck. Second, it has magnificent lubricated bearings which would protect the wheels. Third, thanks to the bamboo deck, you’d get maximum flexibility – which also means a comfortable and smooth riding experience.


- Stable

- Will offer maximum stability

- Soft wheels will keep off-road vibrations at bay

- Has a clear grip tape to add style to your ride


- Expensive

Final Verdict

If you have deep pockets – and want a board which deserves an over-the-odds price tag, the Sector 9 Madeira Complete Bamboo Longboard is worth a shot.


Your search for the best longboard deck ends here. Apart from providing you with the list of the top 5 decks, we have given you the pros and cons of each. All that is left now is your decision. Make it and tell us how fun your riding experience was!

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