Should I get a Wide Snowboard

Burton Custom Snowboard

***This article is about the question of if you should get a wide snowboard or not

The staff here at Pro Broader get this question from time to time….

Lets first talk about that is considered a “Wide” snowboard. A standard snowboard is usually around 25 CM or less.

A Wide snowboard usually means the snowboard deck is larger or bigger than 26 CM across.

There are a lot of snowboard manufactures making popular models that come in a wide version.

The real question is…


WHO should get a WIDE snowboard

  • Someone with large feet
  • Someone that doesn’t want toe drag
  • A heavy snowboarder
  • Someone that wants more stability
  • A wide snowboard offers better flotation
  • Is more stable when landing jumps

So really the man reason for getting a wide snowboard would be that your feet are to big to fit on on a standard snowboard.

People with men’s size 11 or higher tend to start to get what they call toe drag.

What is toe drag?

Toe drag is when the end of your snowboard boot sticks out further than the edge of your snowboard.

How does to drag effect you?

When you are turning toe side you can it the end of your snowboard boots causing your edge of your snowboard to loose its edge resulting in a wreck.

Nothing sucks more when you are in a huge toe side turn at speed on the groomers….only to be surprised with all of sudden no more edge and you then fall on your face.

Wide snowboard for bigger feet.

So if you have larger feet 11 or 12 plus, then a wide snowboard is something you should look into.

Wide Snowboard for Stability

Having a wider snowboard allows your snowboard to float better and is more stable.

When riding through powder different snowboards will float better than others depending on the tip of the snowboard, how the core is built, flex camber, binding location, and long or wide it is.

Having a wider snowboard means that you have more surface area underneath you allowing for better floatation in powder.

Also, having a wider snowboard means that over all its more stabile than a standard snowboard.

A wider snowboard will not turn or handle as well as a standard snowboard.

This stability also means that landing jumps is better…because of the reasons mentioned above.


Wide snowboard for the BURLY snowboarder

Generally speaking the larger snowboarder will typically just go with a longer snowboard. As snowboard length is set to your weight not your height.

However, getting a wider snowboard for the bigger snowboarder will allow you to stick with a shorter snowboard but still get the performance you want.

A wide snowboard for the larger crowd is a good idea to look into.

Like we mentioned above more surface space equals better flotation and control.

Jones Flagship wide

Which Wide snowboard should I get?

Like we mentioned above.

Most snowboard manufactures are starting to make wide versions of their most popular snowboards.

For example Burton makes wide versions for their popular

Custom X Wide – Click to see price

Custom Flying V Wide – Click to see price

Lib Tech also makes wide versions

T.Rice Pro HP Wide – Click to see price

Skunk Ape Wide – Click to see price

Jones Snowboards

Flagship Wide – Click to see price

Ultra Mountain Twin Wide – Click to see price


If you are a snowboard that likes their snowboard to feel light and easy to turn then getting a wide snowboard isn’t for you. Having a wide snowboard makes it much harder to turn as you are sacrificing that for more stability and flotation.

A wide snowboard isn’t a super good jib or rails snowboard.

Typically they don’t offer a ton a flex and come in standard camber decks.

With the Burton Flying V Wide this is allowing for more flex for the wide snowboards same story with the T.Rice Pro wide.

A wide snowboard doesn’t allow you to turn quickly. In fact my brother who is 6’4 and in the 200 lb club has a Burton Custom Wide snowboard and he only likes to ride it in the really deep powder where flotation is key and you can take long flowie turns.

When riding it on the groomers it feels like a big truck that takes time and planning ahead to turn.

A wide snowboard doesn’t like to change directions in an instant. 

We also noticed that the wide snowboard would wear out our legs faster then a standard sized snowboard.


You will have to decide for yourself if a wide snowboard is the correct fit for you or not but here are some of the pros and cons we could think of.

Pros Wide Snowboard

  • Reduces toe drag
  • Could eliminate to drag
  • Better pow flotation
  • Stable as a truck

Cons Wide Snowboard

  • Doesn’t like to turn
  • Feels like a truck
  • Wears out your legs
  • Might not be the best do it all board

Do Women need a Wide snowboard

Typically no. However, if a lady would like a stable snowboard than by all means go for it. Also, if you have toe drag then a wide women’s snowboard might be worth looking into.

Over all a wide snowboard isn’t for everyone. Only those who suffer from the above issues we talked about. Its tough to be able to make a decision when you typically only have one snowboard in your garage.

We recommend finding out when the snowboard manufactures are doing demo days on your local mountains.

This way you can go ride a wide snowboard before you buy one.

Or, call your local snowboard rental shop and ask if then have a wide snowboard to rent.

Let us know if you have any experience with wide snowboards.


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